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Event Recap: Fierce Reads Spring Fling

Last Saturday I went to the Fierce Reads Spring Fling book signing at The Last Bookstore! This is the second time (that I am aware of) Fierce Reads has brought their tour to this bookstore, but it was my first time attending so I was super excited to go!

If you guys haven’t been to The Last Bookstore you should definitely plan to visit at least once. It’s located in downtown Los Angeles and the building used to be a bank many years ago. There’s some interesting art upstairs on the second floor, as well as a back room where all the books are only $1!

Shelf of books in the $1 section arranged by color gradient. 🙂

Fierce Reads set up right in the middle of the main floor, in front of the small stage they always have there. They had pizza, a photo booth section with small paper props, and a game of bingo that went on during the discussion portion of the event. Those who got “bingo!” won ARCs, I believe.

My bingo sheet
Took a quick selfie with the Fierce Reads backdrop in the photo booth area.
(L-R) Courtney Alameda (rockin’ the red), Anna Banks, Emmy Laybourne, and Jennifer Mathieu
(L-R) Courtney Alameda, Anna Banks, Emmy Laybourne, and Jennifer Mathieu

All four authors discussed their books, answered questions from the moderator (TLBS employee) and the audience, and then they changed their set up to do the signing.

Line for the signing!
They were giving away Fierce Reads tote bags and posters!
Here’s how the poster looks like! I got all 4 authors to sign it. 🙂

I got all the authors to sign my poster, but I only got two of the authors’ books: Emmy Laybourne’s Sweet and Courtney Alameda’s Shutter. (I love how all four authors’ book titles were one word. Haha)

Me with the author of “Sweet”, Emmy Laybourne!

I was browsing Barnes and Noble the night before the event and stumbled upon Emmy’s book, Sweet. I had only planned to get Courtney’s book but after reading the synopsis of Sweet I knew I just had to get it, too. It sounded so interesting and different from the other books I’ve read before. Plus, one of the novels I’m working on has celebrities in it too, so I’m interested to see how she writes about them. Emmy was super nice and I loved how she had friends in the audience who came to support her and get their copy of her book signed!

Me with the author of “Shutter”, Courtney Alameda!

Courtney was the main reason why I wanted to go to the event in the first place, so I was really excited to finally meet her. I haven’t read Shutter yet but when I read that it’s about a female ghost hunter who can see ghosts, I just knew it was something I’d be interested in. Back in college I was obsessed with the Syfy show Ghost Hunters and, at one point, wanted to go ghost hunting as well, so Shutter is definitely something I wanted on my bookshelf. I’m so pumped to read it! It was so awesome meeting and chatting with Courtney too. She’s not only seriously pretty but really nice too! We chatted about her awesome Nevermore necklace and she told me how she was shocked a lot of adults don’t know who Edgar Allan Poe is. That’s so odd to me because we were required to read some of Poe’s work in high school… I mean, c’mon, I’d expect most people to at least know about The Tell-Tale Heart.

Afterwards, my friend and I browsed around upstairs in the dollar section of the bookstore and looked at the new art pieces on display (they’re always different every time I go!). I didn’t really find anything that caught my eye but I was lucky enough to find extra Fierce Reads posters downstairs! Apparently nobody wanted them and I couldn’t just walk away when there was a good fifteen to twenty posters left, so I took a handful. Haha And one of the employees there was nice enough to give me their leftover Fierce Reads tote bags, too! So awesome of them.

My haul. 🙂 Book marks, book plates, Fierce Reads tote bag and pen, and book pins. (Extra tote bags and posters not pictured.)

Thanks for the awesome event and sweet book swag, Fierce Reads!

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