Top 5 Fridays

Top 5 Fridays – Audio Books

I was inspired by a few blogs that I follow to start this new feature called “Top 5 Fridays”! Every Friday I’ll share my “top 5” favorites of something; whether it be about books, songs, tv shows, video games, whatever I’m inspired to write about for that week. Should be fun!

Today’s “Top 5 Friday” Topic:

Audio Books

I’m a huge fan of audio books! They really help me when I’m in a reading slump or when I’m super busy and still want to get some reading done. My friend and I even drove all the way to San Francisco while listening to an audio book the entire ride. It made the drive way more entertaining and made time fly by so fast! By the time we arrived at our destination we were a little disappointed because we had to stop listening. Lol

Anyway, here are my top 5 favorite audio books!

5. “The Lovely Reckless” by Kami Garcia


Narrator: Cynthia Hopkins


I appreciate it every time the narrator creates significantly different voices for each character. It really helps me be able to follow the story better and gives their storytelling more life. The voice Cynthia gave to Cruz was probably my favorite because it was the most unique and really suited her personality.

I did not like the voice she did for Marco, which was really unfortunate because he’s the main guy character! Her voice was unnecessarily quiet and I often found myself straining to hear what she was saying. There were also some awkward and useless pauses in his dialogue.


4. “How to Hang a Witch” by Adriana Mather


Narrator: Adriana Mather


This was the first audio book I’ve listened to where the actual author of the book was also the narrator for the audio book! Maybe it’s because she wrote the book or maybe it’s because she’s an actress, but I loved how Adriana narrated her book. The main character Samantha really came to life for me through Adriana’s voice – especially her sarcasm.

Unfortunately, like “The Lovely Reckless” I didn’t really like the voice she did for Elijah. I’m not sure if it was part of the character’s personality, but she just made him sound too monotone, and sometimes he just sounded boring. I loved the accent she did for him, but I wish she put more emotion into his character’s voice.


3. “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins

Narrator: Kim Mai Guest



I enjoyed listening to Kim’s voice. It was pleasant and easy to listen to, plus she conveyed Anna’s changing emotions really well. The other voices she did for the other characters were all different from each other, so I never got confused as to who was currently speaking. I’m always thankful for that, especially when there aren’t always “so-and-so said” after the character speaks.

The English accent she did for Etienne was done really well, too. I especially liked how she specifically pronounces Anna’s name as “Ah-nuh” because I think Anna herself mentions that in the book (not completely sure because it’s been years since I listened to this audio book).


2. “Kill the Boy Band” by Goldy Moldavsky


Narrator: Barrett Wilbert Weed


I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I ended up doing, and now I feel like the best way to read this book is by listening to the audio book. One major reason: there’s actual singing! THERE’S ACTUAL SINGING IN THIS AUDIO BOOK, GUYS. I mean, it’s related to boy bands so how could there not be, but I wasn’t expecting it and it was such a hilarious and nice surprise.

I also enjoyed how each character had their own unique voice. Yes, even all of the Ruperts had a distinctly different voice. Their accents were a nice touch, too! Brava to the narrator because she did a fabulous job!


1. “All Broke Down” by Cora Carmack trophy1600


Narrator/s: Kate DeLane, Teddy Hamilton


Every time I come across an audio book that has two narrators to accommodate the dual POV’s I’m always a little wary. Sometimes one of the narrators isn’t as good as the other and it just ruins the entire audio book for me, or sometimes their voices just don’t portray the characters well for me. Fortunately, that is NOT the case for the audio book for Cora Carmack’s “All Broke Down”, my absolute favorite in her Rusk University series. I ADORE THIS BOOK AND AUDIO BOOK.

Both narrators portray their respective characters so well! Their voices fit perfectly with Dylan and Silas, so much so that I truly feel like their voices are the characters’. Haha I’m the type of person who adores British accents and think they’re the hottest sounding accent on this planet, but this is one exception I’m more than okay with. I love the deep, Southern voice Teddy uses for Silas. It just sounds so perfectly like Silas that I can’t imagine his voice any other way. And Kate’s portrayal of Dylan is so spot-on for her character; mature, not too-girly, and stubborn.

In fact, I loved this audio book so much I had to buy it even though I already own the paperback and ebook. 😛

That’s it for this week’s Friday Top 5! What do you think? Should I keep this up every week? Any critiques or suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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