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Life Update {07/25/19} | Taking a Break for My Health

Hi everyone! It’s been a while…

I’ve been meaning to type up this post for a few weeks (more like over a month) now but I’ve been having a bit of a hard time, and I’m going to explain why.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have seen my posts regarding my wrist pain. Well, one afternoon around the end of May, I was taking a nap from making a whole pot of boba (not like, boba café levels or anything, but way more than my family could consume in two days lol) and when I woke up I felt intense, burning wrist pain on my right hand, from below my thumb to midway up inside my forearm. I’ve had wrist pain before – but never to that extreme and that should have been the red flag – so I naively brushed it off as a minor thing and just took a painkiller then kept massaging it throughout the rest of the evening. I wasn’t really concerned about it and fully believed it would disappear within a few days.

A week passed and it still felt the same.

I eventually started using my mom’s wrist splint instead of my own because she’s had this type of pain before, and it helped a bit but not fully. It wasn’t until a month after the pain initially started that I finally went to my doctor. She did a simple test of having me make a fist with my right hand then try tilting it towards the floor, pinky down. Unsurprisingly, it hurt a lot. So that’s when she told me I had De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, which was likely brought on by my constantly using computers everyday. I still need to see a specialist to treat it but I’m glad that we got to that first step and were able to put a name to it. For now, I’m using a thumb splint that my doctor had me buy so that my tendons can rest because the only way for this condition to go away is if I stop doing the repetitive motion that’s causing it. Well, I can’t stop typing but I’m trying to do better by positioning my hands properly when I type, taking breaks, and icing it when I feel particularly pained.

I work full-time in an office setting and when I’m off work I usually try to make time for writing, so I’m on a computer for practically the whole day, nearly everyday. At work, I’ve had to figure out different ways to get my work done and if I can’t do certain motions without feeling pained (like writing with a pen), I end up having to ask a co-worker to help me. When I’m at home I try to avoid using my right hand as much as possible and ask my family to help me do things I need two hands for. I never realized how often I use my thumbs to do things; now that I can’t use one without feeling searing pain, I feel like I’ve under appreciated it.

It’s really frustrating not being able to do simple things I’m normally able to do myself without feeling like I just want to cut my forearm off, or feeling like a burden. So, since I can’t really not use the computer at work, I try to avoid using mine at home and prioritize resting my hand so it can heal as quickly as possible. It’s much better now compared to when it first came about but it’s still difficult doing certain things.

So, to help with the healing process I’ve decided to prioritize my health and take a break from blogging until I’m better. Besides the things I’ve already signed up for, I won’t be blogging again until after I’m reassured by my doctor that my wrist is getting better. I’ll still be able to do short posts that don’t require extensive formatting and writing like my book reviews do, so I’ll likely still be relatively active on Twitter and Instagram, in case anyone wants to get in touch.

Hope to be back soon!

Mina Sig 3

Twitter: @minathefangirl
Instagram: @minathefangirl

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