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{Quotes + Excerpt} Blog Tour: “Kingdom Cold” by Brittni Chenelle

Hi everyone! Welcome to my stop for the “Kingdom Cold” blog tour, hosted by Shealea at Caffeine Book Tours! This tour is slightly different than others I’ve participated in before because it emphasizes creativity. So, in addition to an excerpt I’ve chosen from the first book in this series, I’ll be showing you a couple quote graphics I made! I don’t usually make these so they’re not the best but they didn’t come out as bad as I expected. Haha

Header (Kingdom Cold series)

Kingdom Cold series (2019)

Title: Kingdom Cold (#1, Kingdom Cold)
Author: Brittni Chenelle
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: Feb. 14, 2019
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy

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Attempted murder, that’s how sixteen-year-old Princess Charlotte’s engagement starts. It seems like the only thing she has in common with Prince Young of Vires is their mutual discontent.

When her kingdom’s attacked, Charlotte’s parents renegotiate her hand in marriage to a handsome stranger with a sinister plan. With the people Charlotte loves dying around her, and her kingdom’s future at stake, the only person she can turn to is the prince she betrayed. But, should she save her kingdom or her heart?

One must fall.

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Marriage was the duty of every princess and love was the cost. (2)

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The moment I let the arrow fly, I regretted it. It was as if it all happened in slow motion. I gasped and reached my hand out to grab it from the air, but it soared beyond my reach, landing on the ground several yards from the prince. What even was my plan? I kill the prince, then what? War? The fall of my kingdom? How could my parents want me to be queen when I couldn’t make basic moral decisions, like don’t kill my betrothed?

I leaned against the stone wall of the castle. It cooled my skin as I slid down, and I sank my face into my hands. I heard the commotion of the guard outside—the fear in their voices. What had I done? Before I knew it, footsteps filled the corridor and I was surrounded by my own castle guards. Hot prickly tears stung my eyes. I had no intention of putting up a fight—I was cornered and guilty.

“This is the most shameful thing you have ever done! What were you thinking?” My mother’s voice was as shrill as it was strained—she clearly worried her voice would carry, making the combination sound like a dying animal.

“Where’s father?” I croaked.

“He’s trying to reassure your future husband that he’s not under attack. This could mean war! How can you be so selfish?”

I gulped. “I—” The words stuck to my tongue. I was so stupid. Why couldn’t I just be a normal girl? I closed my eyes, trying to remember what was going through my mind as I pulled the bow back. I was just tired of everything feeling so beyond my control.

She paced. “My daughter is a murderer. Where did I go wrong?”

“He didn’t even—”

“What Charlotte? Die?”

I swallowed to meet the bile rising in my stomach. I felt like I was going to vomit.

The door swung open and my father strode in. His presence weakened me. I fell to my knees and sobbed as hot tears poured from my eyes and stung my face. I wiped them furiously, taking choppy laborious breaths.  I braced myself for his rage but my father pulled me to my feet. I buried my face in my arm so I wouldn’t have to meet his gaze. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. I whimpered as he rubbed my back gently. Being held by my father always made me feel like a little girl.

Several minutes passed without a word as my tears slowed and my breath evened. I pulled back, “Father—I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

“I know, my dear.” He dropped his arms and peered down at me.

“You do?” I sniffed.

“I trust you. Do you trust me?” he asked, the lines on his dark forehead deepened.

I nodded, a steady stream of tears still flowing.

His lips peaked up at the corners. “Then trust my choice here.”

I wiped my snot on the sleeve of my dress and I could basically hear my mother’s eyes roll across the room without even looking at her. I cleared my throat. “Does he still want to… I mean, will he still—”

“He will honor our agreement, but his guard and his elder brother have requested to stay here until things…” he scratched the gray stubble on his chin, “settle.”

His voice was a warm blanket in my cold life.

My mother’s voice interceded, “You have five minutes to fix your face and greet your husband in the grand hall.”

I turned to leave.

“Charlotte,” my father called, “try to think about what he’s going through.”

I nodded and headed to my chamber, and the more I thought about how much I must have disappointed my father, the worse I felt, but it didn’t mean that I was ready to hand my life over to some stranger. My only hope was that Prince Young changed his mind about the marriage. A devious plan began to gnaw at the back of my mind. If he canceled the wedding, surely no one could blame him. Perhaps the prince would be my ally after all. Maybe I could convince him not to marry me. There wasn’t much time—the wedding was tomorrow—so I’d have to talk him into leaving tonight at the banquet. I picked at my fingernails. Was this the arrow incident all over again? Father had forgiven me, a favor I knew I didn’t deserve, but surely he couldn’t blame me if the prince just left.

I pinched my cheeks and pinned a few of my curls out of my face, making sure I had no snot coming out of my nose or tear lines on my cheeks. My eyes were still red and puffy but it was starting to get dark and, with the low lighting, I was sure no one would notice.

Minutes later, I was standing face to face with a tall, dark stranger. His black eyes peered into mine. He smiled a devilish grin that shot flecks of mischief into his irises. His face nearly brushed mine as he bowed, never taking his gaze off me. He’d gotten too close on purpose.

My heart fluttered and I momentarily forgot my plan, my words, my name. A hot blush burned the insides of my cheeks. He oozed charisma, drawing me in. My heart thudded against my ribcage. There was nothing statue-like about him, except his perfect statuesque face. He waited for me to speak, glaring at my lips like I was a snack and he hadn’t eaten in days. Electricity shot through me, shattering every cell of my body. All the determination to hate him melted away. I wanted him.

He cleared his throat. “Good evening, princess. I’m Prince Minseo of Vires.

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Quote Graphics:


This is probably my favorite one. I love how simple and clean it looks, and how the light and shadows are in the photo.

Grief was a formidable dragon to slay.

I had an idea in mind when I read that quote, but I’m not sure if I executed it very well. Still, I think it didn’t come out too bad!

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About the Author:

Brittni Chenelle (author photo 1)

Brittni Chenelle currently lives in Seoul, Korea, which inspires her multicultural fantasy books. Her favorite genres to read and write are young adult fantasy, young adult romance, fairytale retellings, and young adult dystopian novels. She’s very passionate about equal representation and makes a point to include characters from different backgrounds and cultures in her fantasy stories. Here are five fun facts about Brittni:

  1. She lives in South Korea. It’s true. She does most of her updates in the morning or at night to account for the time difference. She also infuses most of her novels with her observations about Korean culture.
  2. She’s a Type 1 Diabetic. She uses an insulin pump for survival and refers to her diabetes as “Beetie” which is what inspired her children’s book “Life with Beetie”. When she wants something from her parents she tells them, “My Beetie hurts.” It’s a trick that has never failed her.
  3. She doesn’t really BELIEVE in fiction. Despite all the; Dragons, Elves, and Magic present in her novel “Involuted the Tale of the Red Ribbon Tree”, Brittni INSISTS that it’s a true story.
  4. She’s OBSESSED with dark chocolate. She made me put that in and would also like me to inform you (on an unrelated note) that her birthday is in May.
  5. Sorry guys, she’s married. If you ask her, she’ll tell you her husband saved her life but every time someone asks “how?” she gives a different reason. I’ve overheard her give about 4 different reasons, but I bet she has more. He must be an amazing guy.

Website | Goodreads | Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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Thanks for joining me today! Be sure to follow along the blog tour for one more day as it concludes tomorrow!

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