About My Fangirl Chronicles

About My Fangirl Chronicles

If I “fangirl” about it, I’ll write about it. This blog chronicles my various and numerous “fangirl” experiences (as the title implies), whether it be a book signing, concert, or movie premiere. I also write book, TV, movie, and video game reviews.

I will not be reporting news of any sort, unless I am stating an opinion about it. This is a multi-fandom blog and may contain spoilers, but I will give a fair warning beforehand. As per my new book review policy, as of January 2017 I will no longer include spoilers in my reviews. Please see my Review Policy for details.

(Thanks to my awesome sisterΒ for creating My Fangirl Chronicles’s banner!)

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

Where to Contact Me

E-Mail: myfangirlchronicles(at)gmail(dot)com

Social Media:

Instagram: @minathefangirl
Facebook: My Fangirl Chronicles
Twitter: @minathefangirl
Goodreads: Mina

Updated: 03/02/17


3 thoughts on “About My Fangirl Chronicles

  1. I completely agree Mina! There WAS NO 3rd Mummy film…I watched it and it was OMG horribly bad….I could hardly watch it, but I didn’t feel that I would be able to state an opinion if I hadn’t watched from beginning to end. OMG…soooo painful. 😦

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