About Me

Hi, I’m Mina and I am the founder, creator, and blogger for My Fangirl Chronicles!

LOS Contest Entry

Mina is a twenty-something-year-old fangirl and has been a fangirl for as long as she can remember. From TV shows and movies, to books and music, there’s always been something she’s been passionate enough about to get excited over! Mina loves to read, write, hike and explore nature, and play video games. She loves having adventures, whether by taking walks through scenic hiking trails or through pages of a book in the comfort of her bed.

Mina is currently working a full-time office job by day, and reading, blogging, and writing by night. She is an aspiring published author and has several WIPs in the works, each in varying degrees of completion, and hopes to get published one day!

Social Media:

Instagram: @minathefangirl
Facebook: My Fangirl Chronicles
Twitter: @minathefangirl
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